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Narrative Statement

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As an interdisciplinary artist I prefer indigenous or salvaged materials that I can re-contextualize. With my art, I seek to convey an association between hand-fabricated forms that contradict the native scale of found objects. This contrast of forms must reveal an interplay that reads in a very platonic and child-like narrative. I am concerned with the shreds of memory stored in objects.

Derived from the pervasive and sometimes taboo subjects of religion, politics, and sex, these narrative constructions are placed in contexts of emergence, containment, and disarray. I often find meaning in the disregarded, so the scavenged steel objects bring an implied social meaning of both betrayal and redemption.

The surface treatment is a monochrome of rust or patina, which edits out any superfluous design. This raw unified state forces the viewer to give equal status to each element. Occasionally I paint a sculpture to unify the elements and reduce the literal perception of its previous use.


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